The magnificent sound of classical music will reach the audience via online live streams

Ketvirtadienis 01 balandžio 2021 11:25
It has become a long-standing tradition that the Klaipėda Music Spring Festival greets lovers of classical music in Klaipėda from the beginning through the entire month of April. It will return to the Klaipėda Concert Hall for the 46th time in a row, only this time in a somewhat different format. Adapting to the current situation, all concerts will be streamed live and available online free of charge. For the time being when there is no possibility to invite audiences to attend our live music events held at the Klaipėda Concert Hall, online live-streams help our programmes reach listeners worldwide. Modern digital technologies enable us to communicate with our audiences remotely in a safe and secure way. As the saying goes: “There’s no great loss without some small gain.” But even the highest-quality recordings cannot compensate for the most sensitive moments and subtle vibrations experienced at live music concerts. We all understand that such virtual communication is a real trial for both artists and listeners but for now it seems the best way out of lockdown.
Six programmes of the Klaipėda Music Spring Festival will be streamed live via the Klaipėda Concert Hall’s YouTube channel and Facebook page and later available at the Digital Hall ( Three opening programmes are held in cooperation with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society and will be also streamed live via its digital hall at, YouTube channel and Facebook pages.
We invite you to make yourselves comfortable in front of your screens and enjoy the magnificent classical masterpieces, transcendental and unique, lifting our souls above the everyday existence. Without having any access to live music, arts and culture events, we come to realise what an important role they play in our lives, relieving pain, alleviating stress and simply inspiring us.
We sincerely hope that these concerts will quench your thirst for professional art music, revive the sense of community through music and boost our expectations to meet at the Klaipėda Concert Hall again soon!