Music that's worth discovering

Penktadienis 23 spalio 2020 10:07
KLAIPĖDA CONCERT HALL (KCH) is a professional performing arts venue in Western Lithuania. Established in 2005 by decision of the Klaipėda City Council, it annually presents over 380 events across diverse genres in the hall of great acous- tics and up-to-date technical facilities, which cater to the needs of even the most demanding performers and concertgoers.
At the end of each season concerts continue to be held in June and July at the open-air stage of the adjacent park.
For fifteen seasons in a row we at the KCH have been pursuing goals set up in our mission statement: first, to introduce world-renowned and promising young musicians to the citizens and visitors of Klaipėda; and second, to present concert programmes of professional performers from Lithuania and abroad to the highest possible standard. Our institution strives for the enrichment of the local musical life by offering the ongoing series of concerts, classical and contemporary music fes- tivals, family concerts and educational programmes, as well as by managing the activities of the hall’s resident collectives and individual artists.
Klaipėda Concert Hall is home to three resident collectives including the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Klaipėda Mixed Choir “Aukuras” and the Klaipėda Brass Quintet. It also owns the Klaipėda Carillon and provides tenure for two professional carillonneurs.
Each season it runs five annual music festivals of varying styles and formats, starting from the “Music of Changes” contemporary music festival in September-October, “Salve Musica” Christmas music festival in December, “Klaipėda Music Spring” orchestral music festival in April, and concluding with the Klaipėda Carillon Festival on Midsummer Day. In May 2017, KCH also launched the biennial International Klaipėda Cello Festival and Competition. Starting from its third edition in 2021, the competition will be given the name of the world-famous Lithuanian-born German cellist, David Geringas. From then on it will be styled as the International Klaipėda David Geringas Cello Competition. In addition to the international music festivals and the competition, every second year KCH holds the Klaipėda International Violoncello Academy (KIVA), whose aim is to promote traditions of cello music and foster technical development and artistic excellence in young performers.
The wide-ranging artistic activities of the Klaipėda Concert Hall are tailored to suit the cultural needs of the local community across the age spectrum, as well as to en- courage our audience’s engagement in and openness towards diverse forms of profes- sional performing arts. By initiating unique projects that combine music and the other artistic disciplines, we continually collab- orate with performing arts professionals at the local, national and international levels.