Get to know the anatomy of the violoncello and enjoy the music!

Ketvirtadienis 10 gegužės 2018 15:21

Get to know the anatomy of the violoncello! – encourages and invites Klaipėda International Violoncello Academy or KIVA. On June 28 – July 6, 2018 it will extend the ideas of the First Klaipėda International Violoncello Festival and Competition held last year. The Festival and Competition drew exceptional attention and earned rave reviews to become one of the largest and most successful events held in Klaipėda – Lithuanian Capital of Culture in 2017.  In an attempt to expand the violoncello music traditions and improve professional skills of young performers it was decided to organise the International Violoncello Academy. For a period of nine days the port city will be engulfed by beautiful sounds of violoncello.  

Mainly opted at young and talented violoncellists, college students and senior pupils, KIVA educational program offers superior opportunities to excel, improve professional competencies and enrich musical experience. Active participants will be able to study under the tutelage of illustrious professors, be the members of violoncello ensembles and orchestra, and even sing in a choir. The most talented violoncellists will be selected for appearance as soloists with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts Symphony Orchestra.    

The age the participants of the Academy shall fall into 16–30 frame, however younger children playing violoncello for their pleasure without high professional goals will also be accepted to tutoring programs. They will participate in Suzuki Violoncello Laboratory.

Play Violoncello – Move Yourself! Participants of the Academy are invited to start a day at the creative movement laboratory, and on July 3rd to appear in an improvised violoncello and dance art night in a company of DJ and contemporary dancers.

Listen to the violoncello – enjoy the music! The Academy’s wide and manifold concert program will intrigue not only participants, but also laypeople. Its objective is to generate positive social-cultural environment surrounded by violoncello music. The concerts will be held in various venues in Klaipėda, part of them will be free of charge. Noteworthy will be the Opening concert on June 28th featuring the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra led by Mindaugas Bačkus, the initiator of the violoncello movement in Klaipėda, and KIVA pedagogues Bruno Cocset (France), Martti Rousi (Finland) and Karine Georgian (Great Britain), as well as Kenta Uno (Austria), the winner of the First Klaipėda International Violoncello Competition. 

The Closing concert, dedicated to the Coronation of Lithuanian King Mindaugas, will be held on July 6th. The concert will present violoncello ensembles, orchestra and choir. The event will also adhere to the tradition of singing the Lithuanian National Anthem on this special day together with thousands of compatriots around the globe. This unique possibility will kindle the communal feeling not only in all participants of the Academy, but also concert audience.

Klaipėda International Violoncello Academy invites to participate, behold and listen!

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