Present time

2020 July 18 Past event

45th “Klaipėda Music Spring” festival
18 July 2020
Contemporary music and dance collage (premiere)
Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director and Soloist Mindaugas Bačkus (cello)
Music by: Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Raminta Šerkšnytė, Justina Repečkaitė, Loreta Narvilaitė, Vidmantas Bartulis
Šeiko Dance Theatre: Agnija Šeiko (Artistic Director, dancer), Oksana Griaznova, Mantas Černeckas, Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, Marija Ivaškevičiūtė, Inga Kuznecova, Dovilė Binkauskaitė, Niels Claes, Evgeniy Kalachov (dancers) Choreography: Lora Juodkaitė, Oksana Griaznova, Aušra Krasauskaitė, Lukas Karvelis, Agnija Šeiko

The present becomes the past at every instant, but the time of human life, looking at it philosophically, always remains present, living within us while we are alive. This collage of music and dance is a map of Lithuanian contemporary music and dance, which delineates experiences of time by five composers and five choreographers, as well as their unique relationship with the present.
Last year was marked with the extraordinary success enjoyed by Lithuanian women artists who have been recognised as the best in the world in their respective disciplines. It was their tremendous success that prompted an idea to gather different female composers and choreographers in one project, which would showcase their work. The presence of two male artists adds more colours to this project and helps dissolve gender stereotypes.
This collage consists of the most exciting works by contemporary composers and choreographers. It features music by five very different composers, including Raminta Šerkšnytė, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Justina Repečkaitė, Loreta Narvilaitė and recently departed Vidmantas Bartulis. Five chorographers, likewise representing different styles and generations, including Lora Juodkaitė, Oksana Griaznova, Aira Naginevičiūtė, Aušra Krasauskaitė and Lukas Karvelis, used this music for their dance miniatures.
This project is a co-production between the Klaipėda Concert Hall and the Šeiko Dance Company.