Brass Quintet +2

2021 March 19 Past event
19 March 2021
Klaipėda Brass Quintet: Sigitas Petrulis (Artistic Director, trumpet), Jonas Katauskas (trumpet), Mindaugas Paškauskas (horn), Arvydas Stakvilevičius (trombone), Vidmantas Liasis (tuba)
Valentinas Gelgotas (flute)
Gediminas Gelgotas (piano, vocal)
With participation of Edmundas Federavičius (percussion)
Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arthur Roland Frackenpohl, Claude Bolling, William Hayes, Howard Cable, Leslie Pearson, Gediminas Gelgotas 

The Klaipėda Brass Quintet continues its “Brass Quintet +” series and invites us to listen to the second programme. This time the ensemble under the artistic leadership of Sigitas Petrulis will team up with Valentinas and Gediminas Gelgotas from Vilnius.
Flautist Valentinas Gelgotas is a long-standing flute section leader at the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. He has worked with this orchestra for forty-five years now! He is also an avid chamber musician and soloist. Can you imagine how many works he has performed, how many concert halls and countries he has visited over the years! In addition, for roughly the same period he has taught at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Valentinas’s son Gediminas is more familiar to the young generation of music lovers as the founder and conductor of the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (NICO), as well as a composer open to bold experimentation. His works have been presented at major European venues and festivals where they have been performed by internationally acclaimed musicians. Gediminas aims to speak directly to the hearts of his listeners with his works. For this reason he has already built a solid following and continues to attract young audiences to the classical music concert venues.