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Talk with composer and theatre director Heiner Goebbels

2017 September 4 Past event
Start of the Event: 5:30 pm
Venue: at Klaipeda Concert Hall ground Floor Foyer

Moderated by composer Mindaugas Urbaitis

German composer and director Heiner Goebbels belongs to the most important exponents of the European contemporary music and theatre scene. His innovative work defies any categorisation. He says it is his deliberate choice to expand the boundaries of theatre art, to change and challenge the spectator’s modes of perception. He once said music has no home any more. It was a call for composers to leave the tower of genius built for them by traditional subjectivism and, once out in the open, listen to the spectrum of manifold sounds, which the fresh wind of the medial age has been blowing round their ears.

He rejects established truths, be they traditional or avant-garde, and a straight road, especially one that leads to Rome, does not exist for him. His artistic decisions are the result of inquisitive perception and practical experience. In the multimedial labyrinth of today’s cultural landscape he finds plenty of escape routes and back doors by which he can avoid being defined and yet at the same time remain in the public eye.

Goebbels’s relationship to new music is that of a continuous and critical interaction, practised at varying degrees of distance. That might well be due to the fact that he has had a good look around the field of performing arts: in political music, radio art, theatre music, noise art, jazz, rock, stage performance, and visual arts. As a student, he had no particular interest for theatre. It is only later on, he recalls, that he started to realise how many possibilities theatre gives and how much artistic space for experiments it offers. That’s what he does now: explores the fields he wasn’t allowed to explore before.

A talk with Heiner Goebbels will be hosted and moderated by composer Mindaugas Urbaitis.