“Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity”

2016 September 22 Past event
1 h. 40 min.
10 €
Event start: 6:30 pm

Karen Bentley Pollick (violin, viola, USA)

Programme: pieces for violin, viola and video artworks

International new music violinist Karen Bentley Pollick debuts at the “Music of Changes” festival with a diverse program merging music and videos from Sweden, Lithuania, France, Lebanon, Israel and America. The imaginative interaction of imagery and music will be wide ranging.
The social consciousness of Ole Saxe's 'Užupis Constitution Song' lies in contrast to  Brian Moon's lamentation 'Duetto con Bobik', featuring the vocals of Karen's beloved, yet deceased beagle merged with camerawork by her current hound dog on the cobblestones of Vilnius.  Ethereal Baltic harmonies haunt Žibuoklė Martinaitytė's 'Serenity Diptychs', as well as Loreta Narvilaitė’s effervescent 'The Wave Follows the Bird's Flight' and Gediminas Gelgotas’ wintry tribute to Anykščiai in ‘To the Skies’. In ’Cluck Old Hen Variations’, David A. Jaffe merges Paganini with bluegrass fiddling style. Neil Rolnick’s jazz infused ’Fiddle Faddle’ is supplemented with visuals filmed at LRT Studios with a neon bow. Dominique de Williencourt's soulfully evocative 'Mont Ararat' simulates a duo of duduks on scordatura viola. Randall Woolf's thought provoking music is featured in the film 'Beirut is a House of Many Rooms'. Israeli spectral composer Ayal Adler contributes ’Contrasts in Time’, an intense interaction of colors - both in sight and sound. 
For several years now Bentley Pollick has shared her time between Vilnius and Evergreen, Colorado (USA), pursuing active career as a soloist and chamber musician, as well as producing various projects in the U.S. and elsewhere. Her unabating thirst for new music, “keen sense for gleaning quality in experimental music and giving these scores their rightful due” (Michael Huebner, Birmingham News) characterize Bentley Pollick as a higly gifted and creative performer, equally adroit on the violin and viola. Being open to new experiences and social life, she may be frequently seen attend diverse cultural events and collaborate with various artists from across disciplines. In her work, like in the A. Adler’s piece Contrasts in Time, she has unchangeably and remarkably displayed an intense interaction of colors ‒ both in sight and sound.


Pieces for violin, viola and video artworks

Music by: Ayal Adler, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Gediminas Gelgotas, Ole Saxe, Loreta Narvilaitė, Dominique de Williencourt, David A. Jaffe, Randall Woolf, Neil Rolnick & Brian C. Moon

Videos by: Philip Van Keuren, Evaldas Arlauskas, Ole Saxe, Donatas Bielkauskas, Fred Kolouch, Mary Harron & John C. Walsh, John J.A. Jannone & The Night Bears, Aistė Ptakauskė, Stuart Diamond

“Music of Changes” in the ever-changing world

The upcoming “Music of Changes” Contemporary Music Festival is to take place in Klaipėda from September 20 to October 7, inviting the citizens to open up their minds to change and promising plenty of new experiences. By presenting the most daring and exciting musical art of our time, the festival attempts to captivate the audience from the very first moments it enters the Klaipėda Concert Hall. The current edition comes with a new feature: this year the sound installation From Sand, Water and Iron will welcome everyone attending the festival’s events. It was conceived and realized by Yiorgis Sakellariou, a Greek-born composer currently residing in London, using sound material that has been collected during field recording sessions in Klaipėda where he had lived a few years ago. In composer’s words, “Klaipėda’s soundscape is the basis and inspiration for an auditory experience of an expanded reality. From Sand, Water and Iron forms a reconfiguring and intangible cosmos, a place where three elements are transformed into sound, independent in time and connected in space.”
This year the “Music of Changes” festival offers a programme of seven engaging concerts and inspiring talks with the renowned artists and performers from Lithuania and from all around the world. Concerts will feature musical works that propelled change in the history of 20th century music and the most remarkable developments in the musical art today. Both the mentioned sound installation and works featured at concerts reflect the ever-changing world of sound. Vibrant and boundless, it will encourage us to invite change into our lives and environment.
Let’s open up our minds to change and new experiences together with the “Music of Changes”!

Open for viewing before the festival’s events, from 6 pm, at the KCH’s Ground Floor Foyer
From Sand, Water and Iron
Concert-installation by Yiorgis Sakellariou (Greece / UK)
Meet the artist on September 22nd, during the interval (around 7.15 pm)