The Suite of Stories

2018 March 24 Past event
45 min
8.00 €
Family Concert
Start of the Event: 3.00 PM
Venue: Klaipėda Concert Hall Ground Floor Foyer

Jomantė Šležaitė (soprano), Vytenis Gurstis (flute), Simona Zajančauskaitė (piano)

Shadow theatre and actor Mindaugas Ancevičius

Programme: performance after The Suite of Stories by Feliksas Bajoras

The semi-staged performance “The Suite of Stories” offers a journey into an incredible and miraculous world of nature. Rather mysterious and abundant with the elements of magic these stories are based on Lithuanian folk tales about people, animals, trees and devils. Along the path winding through these stories you will meet a mole and a crayfish, eavesdrop on a conversation between a skylark and a swallow, learn why trees are mute and an ash tree is blind. You will also meet the jesting devil and the brave cordwainer, and find out what was happening long time ago on late Saturday nights. On this journey you will be accompanied by a soprano, flute and piano, shadow theatre and actor Mindaugas Ancevičius.