“Undiscovered Spain”

2017 July 20 Past event
1 h.
10 €
Start of the Event: 8 pm
Venue: Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall

Jacaras Early Music Ensemble (Poland): Piotr Zaleski (timple), Julieta Gonzalez de Springer (voice, Mexico / Poland), Mateusz Ławniczak, Łukasz Oleszek, Martin Złotnicki (guitars), Łukasz Figiel (bass guitar)

Programme: Gaspar Sanz, Lucas Ruiz de Ribayas, Francisco Guerau, Juan de Arañés, José Marín

Spain as a country cannot be imagined without the profound influence of flamenco. Only this time the Jacaras Early Music Ensemble will demonstrate a different side of this glamorous art-form in the programme “Undiscovered Spain.”

The ingenious team, consisting of five guitarists from Wrocław, Poland, and a charismatic Mexican-born singer, Julieta González de Springer, will introduce us to the Spanish baroque dances from the 17th and 18th centuries. According to the Ensemble’s artistic director, Piotr Zaleski, some of the dances like tarantella, fandango, or folia played an important role in the history of music and are still known today. Among diverse guitars to be played at this concert, we will also have a chance to hear the tiple – a traditional five-string plucked instrument of the Canary Islands.

As a matter of interest, jácaras are Spanish songs, which were accompanied with instruments and performed during the intervals of theatrical performances and as an accompaniment to many types of dance. Preserving the Mediterranean spirit, these performers will restore these centuries-old dances back to life. Have a listen!

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