That She Has Been Here…

2018 March 2 Past event
2 h
14.00 €

Start of the Event: 6.30 PM
Venue: Klaipėda Concert Hall Ground Floor Foyer

Modestas Sedlevičius (baritone, Lithuania / Germany / Italy), Anna Anstett(piano, Ukraine / Germany)

Programme: Franz Schubert, Juozas Gruodis, Kazimieras Viktoras Banaitis, Vladas Jakubėnas, Julius Juzeliūnas, Konstancija Brundzaitė, Zita Bružaitė



Named after one of Schubert’s late songs, Dass sie hier gewesen (That She Has Been Here…), this programme introduces young Lithuanian baritone Modestas Sedlevičius who will make his debut at the Klaipėda Concert Hall. He has been recently experiencing a series of rapid career advancements: last year he won Second Prize at the 1st Virgilijus Noreika International Singers Competition, which led to the current engagements at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and Theatre Vanemuine in Tartu.

Responding to his performance at the competition, opera singer and singing teacher Giedrė Kaukaitė characterized Sedlevičius as the one who “is style savvy and feels perfectly at home on stage, never transgressing the fragile bounds of good taste and measure. What we have heard here was the artistic statement of a man gifted by nature, of an outstanding personality who does not compete for reward rather than for spiritual delight.”

For his forthcoming recital, in which he will be accompanied by pianist Anna Anstett, the soloist opted for Shubert’s Lieder and songs by Lithuanian composers. In his words, “Song is the delivery of a complex emotionally charged idea in music and words. It is like a short opera that lasts only a few minutes. Schubert is one of the greatest song writers of all time, while Lithuanian songs are closer to our audience because they evoke sentiment through our native language, tradition and music.”